Thursday, January 7, 2010

Carbon emissions not cause of Global Warming. (?) Dude ... Global Warming ain't even happening! (?)

Where in the world are we?!

Literally and literarily.
This is the question I have been asking myself since reading about some new findings that leaked out about the time of Copenhagen. The new debate, backed by scientific proof (which is yet to be proven) insists that CO2 did not cause the rise in temperatures, nor have tests shown a continuous rise in global temperatures. It says, rather, temperatures are dropping.

Well, Dr. David Evans says so ... and this was as far back as 2007. What does the world have to say or think about this? Why has it not been debated and researched upon earlier?
What implications come with this ... ? 192 stupid countries meeting in a wasteful talk-shop on a highly intricate and expensive summit based on a FLAW?!
Does everyone just go back to their normal lives, not bothered anymore about GHGs and taking good care of the earth? Are the carbon trading businesses now trying to hide into cracks What is really, truly happening? What is really truly, the cause of our globe falling out of sorts? Is it really falling out of sorts?

Does Sustainability just continue its journey WITHOUT worrying about Global Warming and if it's really happening?
Cause if it is, the real cause must be verified.
I will bring you more as we go along, and will love to have your questions, feedbacks, arguments, and thoughts on this startling "new" revelation.
Now ... I haven't blogged for a month!

I have been working on my foundation and a few really intense stuff.
I have been very lucky to get 2 lady friends, both Ghanaians, who are just as driven as I am ... to start a sub-initiative with.
One lady is an engineer and the one is an architect. Maybe you can guess what we are working on so quietly, but this is just to let you know that I haven't run away from my passion of RE!!

At the last Barcamp here in Ghana, I held a session on Green Concept in Ghana, and I was glad to know that gradually, people are getting interested in what I have to say. As usual, I emphasized that I provide free information, free data, and free marketing for all experts and suppliers of the RETs ... and tried to explain how one may start utilising the technologies in units.

I will bring you some more of this later, in as fun a way as possible.
In the meantime ... uuuuuuuuuuuu ... what a confused terrain GREEN is now!

HAPPY NEW YEAR!! Your favourite Green Pest!
(I love you too.)


  1. I am yet to see a global issue which is a one sided story. We only live to see, or die to leave our children to see the damage we are causing.

    Heyyyyyy Golda, what are you and the two ladies up to?..........

  2. Hey you! I hope you are enjoying yourself this new year ...

    Err ... will tell you in chambers in a bit!!
    Looolz. Probably will come out with it in a month. I am so intensely superstitious about talking publicly about it right now. ;)