Thursday, December 3, 2009

GET A LIFE!! Yes, I'm talking to you ...

Today, I'd like to link you to this article (coming up ...).

Most of you might be wealthy enough to afford to ignore the worsening energy crisis here in Ghana, have friends in well-positioned places, or just not give a damn.

That's fine. I can't ask you to drop dead!

But at this rate, sooner or later, this energy crisis WILL catch up with all of us, and someone ... somewhere, WILL drop dead ... at a blacked-out clinic, a dark street, an unlit highway, or a laid-off parent from a low-performing company experiencing energy frustrations. Feel free to keep listing the other trillion similar cases ...

You may be snuggled up in Arizona, US or baking in California, or shivering in England ... cycling in India, hamburging in Germany, making it in Italy, or just living your sweet life here in Ghana ... I don't give a damn. Sooner or later, someone linked to you, will suffer the consequences, if not you yourself.

I have been talking about this for several months, and all I get are quite sniggers, and stuck-up noses ... and a few enthusiasts. But not a single PROACTIVE person to step in and say "I'll join you up there on Mt. Crazy" or "I'll help you spread the word" ... or I'll help you get a sponsor/investor".

Ghana is about to hit its own energy Doomsday ... unless we start taking up our own green alternatives small-small NOW! And paint me insane if it makes you happy. Ignore me all you like, if it tosses your salad.

But make sure, if it turns out I AM right ... you come back to this blog, and put an anonymous comment that says just so.

... read any other blog piece there if you like.

And if you decide you want to 'bite', give me a call on 0244 82 83 22 ... I will give you free information on any RE technology you want to know about, and help you start off on a small note, IF YOU WANT.

Till then,

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