Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Yes ... Lord!! He he heee ....!

Ola!! We got our logos and letterheads!

Isn't that 'sumfin'? Holda on ... I know you don't get why I am so excited about this, but think about it ...

You dream of a baby, conceive it, nurture it till you deliver it, then after that last push ... its beautifully wrapped up and handed over to you ... now you see its face, the 10 tinny fingers and toes ... and you see a human being.

A tiny human being with IDENTITY ... its very own identity ... that LOOKS UP TO YOU for EVERYTHING ...and you see it all falling into place!!

People, that is the range of visions I went through when I received those logos and letterheads, and I'm not kidding! Tee heee heee ...

Now watch out, cus I'm coming to you, and I got a name and an ID to prove who I am! Whhhhhoooooooo-hooooo!

Ha ha ha ...

You know, yesterday, I spoke with the lady selling 'na-chiri' just around the junction to the OVERFLOWING Mallam landfill site ... and she said she's waiting for me to come and do my 'somtin' that will bring an end to the horror they live with everyday.

Now I am saying this beforehand for anyone linked to any government official for the Mallam-Gbawe community ... I am saying ... please tell them to go do 'somtin' before I get there with my accoutrements! Because the bru-ha-ha and furore we will raise out of this event will put a lot of pressure on you ... and you just don't want to have to sort the place out under tight deadlines ... believe me ... you don't. All that trash?

Oh what? You haven't seen it? Don't know what I'm talking about?

Hmmmmm ... hold on ... I will post up some pictures soon.

In the meantime, feast your eyes on the logo ... it is the new Face of Hope ... the Burst of Light spreading over the Horizon ... te he heeee!!

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