Monday, August 3, 2009

When I got to China ... and plastic recycle machinery

When I got to China ...

... and I am not talking about actually getting on a plane and flying over there ... or being there physically ... lol

You see, I was browsing online for the best locations to make enquiries for a customised waste plastic recycling set of machinery ... that can also produce plastic tiles for different uses ... therefore in different shapes and sizes.
I browsed and browsed and browsed ... and kept coming back round to Chinese and Taiwanese sites ...

Finally, I settled on a site called B2B or so ... and it promised to be the best, most reliable directory of Chinese machine-manufacturers.

Why was i in China at all ... I was starting a process which I hoped would ultimately lead me to a maufacturer who could specially design a waste plastic machinery of the specs stated just earlier, and also make me aware of the costs involved, as well as any particularly essential preparations that ought to go along with it ... such as the area needed to house the entire spread, the noise levels, the left-over materials likely ... and so on.

Now, China has a lot of stuff that impressed me ... from the machinery to solar table-lamps to solar lawn lights, and solar invertors, solar chargers, and anything you could dream of ... all possible to have in your own design ... AT HIGH (or low) COST ... depends on your choice (or common sense).

So I am now left with filtering everything down to specific machinery types and costs. Its a headache, it is.

So, so far ... these are on the iterinary:
Solar light Co. for specific specs on their solar panels and invertors
Search out any other suppliers, importers, experts in solar
Acquire firm idea of our support base - partners
Seek the police service's position on street events organised for specific campaigns

Thats 5% ... and I can still see much to list.
I think I will hit my blackboard again and come back to you with specifics and results ...
... maybe even a voice recording or 2!

For now, however, check out our website:

Will be back in a shake!

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