Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Stomping the turf ...

So I went traipsing.

Walking around in my sneakers, jeans, and backpack ... topped by a comfy cap to keep the burn off my face.

My agenda?
To find out the various solar energy rates available per solar company here in Accra and/or Ghana. This was for 3 reasons:

1. It was part of my campaign to get the banks to offer more solar energy loans as opposed to car loans and personal loans ... part of our NGO initiative.
2. A good friend called 'Aqua' had been taking me through all the angles of this initiative, and had stated that in Europe, solar was expensive ... then had enquired about available rates here in Ghana. I had no idea at the time, so I set to verify.
3. My father had gone to DENG a year ago to invite them over to our home for an assessment on how much it would cost to go solar ... father felt it was about time he attempted going solar. DENG took several hours of his time, promised to show up ... and NEVER DID!! He was very annoyed, I can tell you!!

So quite a number of pertinent issues needed clearing that relied on getting these solar rates, and I was gonna get 'em!!

Checking online, I noted Solar Light Co. first ... then DENG.

Solar Light co. offered more of the type of information that the ordinary Ghanaian would yearn to know ... so naturally, they drew my attention, and theirs was the first location I went to.

The receptionist/secretary called Ben ... short for Benedicta ... was very professional, confident, and pleasant at the same time. She gave me a brochure that had 4 various categories of solar packages ... all very practical ... and which showed that they TRULY knew what the ordinary Ghanaian needed ... as well as other options.

What I first noted ... happily ... was that the rates were NOT outrageous.

Solar is expensive, and most people tend to over-inflate intentionally ... but the rates I saw at Solar Light Co. was practical ... not cheap ... but you could tell that they were probably the most honest, realistic rates in town ... I heaved a tremendous sigh of relief.

That solved Phase One of the Solar Light/Loan Campaign for me ... rates. location, availability, and contacts of/from supplier(s).

Aqua had further asked me to do one thing for him ... publicise/campaign that people, employers, and institutions ensure that their airconditioning is pegged at 25 degrees Celscius instead of freezing points ... which is usually the norm.

If you are wondering why, it saves a huge amount of energy, just by adjusting a few practical degrees ... so I appeal to everyone ... at home or at work ... won't you please please please please try to keep the temperature at 25deg Cel? You would not only save Ghana a lot of energy in total, but save YOURSELF something on the electricity/energy bills as well!

For now, below is an idea of the various packages offered by Solar Light co. and their rates ... and they are located around Joy FM, Kokomlemle ...

STANDARD HOME LIGHTING SYSTEM for 2-3 bedroom house on FULL solar lighting (and about 70 watts, 7 days a week) ... GH2,500 cedis

SMALL HOME BACKUP SYSTEM for 3 bedroom house on BACKUP power (and about 180 watts, 3 days a week) ...
GH 3,300 cedis (or GH 2,100 Inverter/Battery option)

DELUXE BACKUP SYSTEM for 4-5 bedroom house on BACKUP power (and about 385 watts, 3 days a week) ...
GH 6,800 (or GH4,700 Inverter/Battery Option)

HYBRID SYSTEM for a COMBINATION of backup and full power in your home (about 265 watts, 7 days a week) ...
GH 8,000 cedis

They also have Rural Lighting systems, Backup systems accustomized to each home specially, Hybrid systems packaged to each home specially, Remote Stations solar systems, Telecommunications solar systems, Hospitals and Clinics theatre areas, vaccine regrigerators, passage ways, etc., and Agriculture ...

Man, these people look good and i havent even tried em!!

They have so much details, so I suggest you go there or call them, but check out their website ...
... am I advertising for them? I just realised I am ...

Couldnt help sharing the good news, and when I do try them and they REALLY are this good ... I think I will advertise them for free! It is time for Ghana to start going solar.

Change your refridgerator power to solar ... or your airconditioning ... or your outside night lights ... or you television and fans ... you dont need to change your ENTIRE household to solar if you can't afford to ... by changing SOME ... you are contributing a lot along with others doing same. Invite someone else to do the same ... but gradually, we are changing our nation for the better ... and our environment as well ...


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