Thursday, August 6, 2009

Green Revolution ... Go! Road trips, bank appeals, and bank accounts ...

I went round on Monday like I promised:

- uniBank Ghana Limited Head office

- Solar Light Co.

- Masalachi, Mallam landfill site


I went to uniBank Ghana Ltd.'s head office at Kokomlemle - y'all know the one, right? I had to deliver our 'Greenfoot" campaign letter to them ... we are reaching out to a lot of businesses and entities to join in on this campaign, and as you all know from all my previous posts ... we need the banks to include Solar loans within their Executive and Personal Loan categories ... to start with. Of course, there is the Walk-athon FunFair as well, another brilliant concept they could sign up on.

Now you also know that our banking institutions are the most stuck-up businesses ever! Only a small percentage say what they mean and do what they say ... and even if they dont, only a tiny number of them, are ACTUALLY pleasant and accommodating ... TTB takes the award for me so far ... charle ... the Kwashieman branch is just smoking! lol

So I was prepared to be told I couldnt see anyone of 'importance' when I got there ... and my only frustration was that I would not meet a bitter Front Office Manager who would pass my letter through the shredder as soon as my back was turned!

True-true, I got there, and was pleasantly informed that 'if I don't mind leaving the letter ... it will surely get to its location" ... Pressing further as to if there was anyone at all I could speak with ... "oh ... you know, there's a new branch opening in Takoradi, and they are all gone there ... so you can leave the letter, then call back later to see if they are around yet." That was my favourite part ... like they might never be in when you call, love. lol

What could I do? I sighed and sighed and sighed ... and left the letter ... with the explanation that its contents are very definitive, and that it was a matter of interest or non-interest ... and therefore they could contact me on a very easy decision of "Yes ... we will like to hear more." Deep down, I knew I would still call a week later, just to be sure I didnt lose an opportunity ... but I wont be surprised if 1 month goes by, and they are still 'unavailable'

Apparently, the banks only 'know' you after you have acquired money, and they chase you up to bank it for you. lol ... that will be some day, huh?

So I left, grabbed a taxi for Solar Light, and changed my high heels for my outing flats. Relief ... Lord, those shoes kill after a mile!

At Solar Light, the technicians were all out, so Ben (the receptionist), took my contacts, and promised to let them call me when they return. I was there to find out about the wattage of their solar panels, as well as the kinds of batteries and inverters they had.

Basically, the wattage varied, depending on what they had at the moment ... so you could have one panel type for 50 watts ... which means less panels on your propery ... and at another time, you could have a panel type of 10 watts ... you calculate what that means! Their invertors were also either solar-charged, or electricity charged ... options available ... but for more details, I would have to talk to the experts, she said.

Later in the day, whilst taking a nap ... I was pleasantly surprised to receive a call back from their office ... sadly, I couldnt pick cus I was very sleepy. But I was 'moved; ... I like that ... keeping the promise. Anyway, I had promised her that I would return with a letter (to invite them join the campaign) ... so I will surely bring you more news on that!

After that, I headed home, but not without passing through the Masalachi landfill ... the one I was talking scary for in the earlier post ...

Abeiku, the taxi-driver with the ancient Mazda ... happily drove me to "Borla Last Stop" and explained to me that at the time the roads were blocked, it was because the site had become full, and the dumpster truck-drivers kept on leaving their 'loads' on the road and in front of people's homes ... but now, he explained, the tractors had come in to re-organise the entire place.

I took a picture of the tractors at work ... and it did look better organised.

Problem, is ... why do people live right across the road from the place? What is being done about the fluids seeping from the site into the drains by the road side? I took a video of this whilst we were driving back, and if I am able to load it, you will realise how serious it is ... all down the street to the maind road.

I still think more can be done about it ... and I will be updating you further.

Next post ... I go in search of a confirmed venue for the Walk-athon - Fun fair.

Oh ... and yea ...! We got some openers for a current account for the NGO ... and we get to choose which bank to go to now ... yaayyy! lol

Stay tuned, and enjoy the picture and video.


  1. wow, you must be giddy with excitement. That sounds really promising! I am so pumped for you. There's too much waste in Ghana going to waste! Are you organizing workshops to teach people how to reduce waste or dispose of waste well? Just wondering. You go girl!

  2. Hey, you! lol ...

    We wanted to, but we realised that too many workshops happen, and there is no follow up later ... then the people slide back down into the slump.

    Fortunately, we have started receiving help from 2 European government representatives, and by this alliance, we intend to actually go to the people, educate them, employ them, and help them derive income themselves from the waste.
    More pro-active events are what we wish to set up.