Friday, August 28, 2009

Riding the wish-horse down!

Seeing an opportunity? Seeing it? Still staring at it?

What the h.ll are you sitting staring at it for?! Grab the thing and dig in! It might never show up again ... opportunity comes but bloody once!

People!!!!!!!! Things are good ... met a few good men (unfortunately, the romance wasn't there ... sigh.), a handful of superb ladies, and a lot of walking-around maties this week!

I'm on my wish horse ... and I'm a love activist, but I'm running that poor horse "deh-wn"! Forgive me, but I can't help it. Too many things I've been praying for, wishing for, working for ... time is now!

So we finally got the DAY confirmed, and everything is going great ... a few semi-confirmed issues here and there, but nothing scary ... nothing He can't put aright.

As the advert states, it's the 17th of October ... and please make it if you're in town. It's revolutionary ... women in energy! Ghana going Green officially ... pitch in and help if you want to ... or just sit back and enjoy the events! Just BE THERE!! lol

Mi and I went round to about 25 locations from 23rd Aug till today ... spoke to over 50 companies and experienced individuals by phonecalls and e-mails through same duration.

We sent letters physically to the following:

Coconut Grove Regency Hotel, Accra (gave us FREE use of their venue for our Charity Ball - 24/25 Oct)

Joy FM (promised us normal coverage, but yet to confirm partnership/sponsorship)

Solar Light Com. (we felt it would be great to partner with them because we will have to refer our clients to them in case of solar energy gadgets or set-up ... no word so far; directors unavailable)

Milani Food Processing Ltd. (nothing yet)

Nestle Ghana Ltd. (I think the letter is still at the reception area ... they get so many job applications I think they don't bother much with letters anymore ... still checking on them)

Tigo (Millicom Gh. Ltd) (nice numbers ... no-one is picking up my calls ... receptionist herself gave them to me!)

Unibank (nothing yet)

DENG ltd (said I should call back next Tuesday on partnership/sponsorship qn) However, we will try to sell some of their solar lanterns ...

Zoomlion Waste Experts - my goodness, their offices are SO far out! (Haven't spoken to them yet on the issue, but we also have to promote them)

Standard Chartered (still working on the right people)

Stanbic Bank - they promote their support of renewable energy a lot, so we felt ... (still trying to get word/direction)

Koala Supermarket

Sunshine Salads


Papaye (they said they have a fixed policy ... never participate in such fairs)


The last 5 most especially to supply food and drink services, but yet to confirm all of them.

As you can imagine, it was a crazy week, and a crazy situation of encounters ... I still intend to distribute 20 more letters throughout next week.

We have a Graphic ad coming out this Monday, 31st, so all in Ghana ... please look out for it (it's same as the insert above).

We are setting up an i-kobo account for all those who wish to donate something little.

We also have our numbers up for any one who can assist us spread the word, and wants to make more enquiries.

We have gotten a phenomenal group of foreign volunteers who are helping us run and monitor everything on the D-day ...

The Cycling competition starts first - at 6:00 am. This will be followed by the marathon at 6:15 am. The swimming competition will start at 6.15 am as well. They will all be 2 - 2.5 hr long events, so by 9:00am, all the competitions will be over. Winners will be awarded, and certificates given to all participants on same day.

In the meantime, the stand-owners would have been setting up, and getting ready for the first few visitors starting 8:00 am.

Music show commencement will be 12 pm or as Reggie himself confirms (updates will be given of specific time).

It will be music, business promotions, fun, socialising, and fun!!

In the meantime, we are still welcoming all support, spread-of-word, assistance, counsel, funds, and anything that can make us better!

Thanks to all of you who have been encouraging and following so far ... it means much!

I love you all! And will keep you updated.

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