Thursday, September 3, 2009

When God has His eye on you ...

What a week!
I know that this whole thing was pre-destined for me ... but there are days when it shocks me all over again. And also days when Mercy and I realise that, much as we are naughty and un-formatted ... we are VERY blessed.

This is the whole story:

Monday saw us in town again, trying to beat as many self-given deadlines as possible. We all know how our dreams never approximate or equate the realities, hence a lot of frustrations and trying moments ... lol.

We always set out with targets and unrealistic, severely short deadlines (which is why i say we are unformatted!) ... but at the last moments, we get smack into the perfect precipitator, and next we know ... task accomplished!

On Monday, the ad came out with much fewer calls than we expected and hoped for ... however, Mi called to tell me that WELLNEZ CENTRE had called her in response to the ad ... and they wanted to provide a 4th prize for the competitions.

So we booked a time and went over to them. We then met T and A and had a lively short chat about self-made success and how its not easy, but all very worth it. On the way, I called Mr. KO of Joy FM to confirm a tentative meeting he had agreed to earlier.

Turned out that it was perfect timing, and he asked us to pass through. Relieved that another hurdle had been chalked, we presented ourselves at Joy FM and met with KO.

He was pleasant and straightforward about their current priorities and status of sponsorship, and led us to MF, for a more confirmed position on our partnership-sponsorship proposal. This was concluded on a request that we call him back in 2 days for a response to the issue. Which means, this morning should get us Joy FM's position (final/tentative) on either sponsoring something of the Greenfoot Campaign, or partnering with us on the entire thing. (Fingers crossed).

From there, we called Reggie Rockstone, who had a very lively Ashanti Twi conversation with Mi on the fine details of what he wanted to do for the Campaign (Mercy's gift or forte is communication and campaign strategizing, so I am very happy to have her on my side).

At the end of their conversation, she giddily informed me that Reggie had stated that he was going to host the funfair event ... and was also going to have an intimate interactive "Take the Mic" show with the audience of the music show later on that day. We were to call him back in a few days to confirm a meet to finalise the details.
Another hurdle chalked!!

We went our separate ways after this, weary but fulfilled.

On Tuesday, we had a meeting with TN of Lincoln C School ... to go over the contract and also view the facilities as they are.

She is a very lovely lady, merged professionalism very well with amiability ... but what i will always remember about our meeting with her is the recommendations she made on the preparations for the fun fair.

She made very good suggestions about the publicity and funding strategies we could us, as well as a cool, funky poolside theme for Reggies interactive "Take the Mic" music programme ... where we use their swimming pool area with its bleachers, standing spaces, etc.

Yes, of course, its more business to her, but her perspective was most helpful, considering that she was thinking as a potential visitor to the fair and what would appeal to her most - it helped us see clearer. I found her attitude very memorable.

From here, we walked around, then out of the school, and down to the main junction, to get a feel of the locations and timings and possible happenings on the D-day itself ... and therefore the backup plans and counter-strategies we should have in place for the day.

Wednesday came, and from morning till 2:00pm, it was blue and uneventful. I had all but shut down my brain, when I met up with Mi and she suggested that we go down to Unibank physically ... again.

She had called them earlier, and tried tracking the letter I had sent earlier ... I had told her they informed me it would go to Corporate Affairs, and much as she tried, they simply would nt connect her to, or give her the numbers to Corporate Affairs.

So we went there again (the administrative side at Kokomlemle), and met same receptionist.
She would not call them. She insisted "THEY WILL CALL YOU IF THEY FEEL IT NECESSARY" and asked us to pick brochures. When Mi asked her for what purpose, she stated that for the bank's contact numbers. And that was all the help she could give us. By this time, it was nearing 4:00pm and I was cussing her in my head and calculating traffic hours till i got to New Gbawe again ...

Now God being so fantastic and mysterious ... who shld be walking behind us, but a lady who knew Mercy very well ... and who was a Unibank employee!!!!!

So here comes the hugs and 'hey you' s!! And Mi asked her if she knew anyone in Coporate Affairs we could speak to ... she immediately asked us to proceed back to the building and wait for her ... she was going to the banking side. I asked Mi to follow up for me whilst i went home.

We started conversing about keeping the chin up ... with Mi doing the cheerleading dance (lol!) when her friend suddenly came back (amazing!) and asked us to follow her inside.

After a quarter hour wait, we finally met the Manager for Corporate Affairs, Unibank ... where Mi showed her commmunication prowess once again ... he he he!

We could tell the guy was taken with her narrative, and he declared so after our meeting. He also gave us more pointers on what to fix into our proposal to them, and with a promise to e-mail him the proposal ASAP, we left him with smiles.

Not because they had promised anything ... but because what an eventful hour it had been all of a sudden!

As if that wasn't all, Mrs JA of a certain Waste Management company here in Accra, with whom we had been trying to meet for a while, called us and asked if we were in town, and if we could meet?

I informed her that we were at Unibank in Kokomlmle ... and what do you know? She said she was turning right into the park then ... she was just THERE at that moment!!!!!!!!

So we went down, met her and had another superb talk and made decisions - she also agreed to assist us any way she could, and asked to be e-mailed the proposal ... oh my my!

When God has His eye on you, and a finger to your name .... you better be ready to call for all your blessings!!

Lord Bless us with every blessing conceivable! And give us the cloth to pad our head for the load!!!

If you don't join us now ... when again?!


  1. wow, talk of breakthroughs on the road, right? I hope and pray everything turns out great! YAY! I'm doing a victory dance for you too!

  2. WOW! is all I can utter right now. I'm smiling. You don't have to look far back for miracles. You had a chain of them today to refer to.

  3. You know?!!!

    Miss Maxy, we will be bringing it to u der soonest!

    GHoS : And I hope you'll be passing through on that 17th Oct, eh?!! lol ... seriously. lol

  4. Blessings at its peak! Indeed when God decides to bless you, you better be able to contain the outcomes. He is good all the time.