Sunday, August 23, 2009

What the Stars say about Fate ...

I love my friend Mercy very much. She has been a great source of encouragement, and a pillar of reality whenever i get into a haze of pain or the mist of dreams.

But like all people who are close, we bite each other a lot. Thank God, we are both so realistic that after the spit and venom ... we shake our hairs back and hug each other close. We're crazy that way, but it has sealed our friendship in ways that we could never have imagined.

THe other day, i told her, "Mi ... when I'm down, you gotta be up. When you are down, i gotta pull you up. We have to be understanding and considerate to whichever one of us is playing stupid or lost at that material moment ... or all that we have invested into this business will be down the shit-bowl. We are all we got ..."

And God. I am the believer ... Mercy is the realist! She is also heart and soul, and times like yesterday and this morning, I start wishing she didnt have so much of it sometimes! She has grown into ESF's Green Campaign so much, she's running with it like Muntari in midfield, zooming for the goal-post ... and she is left me far behind struggling to catch up to understand.

I am talking so much about Mercy because she has brought a lot of openings into ESF's progress lately ... a lot of experts, sponsors, and brilliant concepts to grow our NGO. She woke up last week and called me up 'screaming' "We need to finish our letter-rounds before August is up! September isn't good for us, according to the Horoscope, and we cant be caught in September!!!!!

I said "OK, Mama Horo." LOL

But I took that warning and ran with it ... you see, I had this NGO on my heart for a long while and ignored it. Finally, after May, it grew so much on me that I was in and out of the Reg-General's before i realised i had just registered an NGO on Renewable Energy! After that, so many doors begun opening to us so naturally, and the initiatives so clear ... there was no way i could deny that this was part of my Fate.

And so I realsied that i had to listen and follow this thread (never in a million years did i envisage myself in something like this!), and through it, i realsied that certain 'voices' were there for my guidance, one of which happened to be Mercy's.

So i ran with her!

And now, we have jumped yet another hurdle ... and have come closer to the 'MAKING GREEN ENERGY A CULTURE IN GHANA' Campaign ...................... a reality!!!

Green Energy is ESF's term for Green Power (check out this link:

ESF wants to use this campaign to so ingrain in us Ghanaians, the need to create a sustainable energy culture, that by the time of the next generation, Green Energy will be a natural part of each Ghanaian. That the culture of maintaining the natural resources of our nation for our children, and their children in turn will be as natural to us as breathing.

And to premiere it to Ghanaians, we have put together the Making Green Energy a Culture in Ghana CAMPAIGN.

It is to provide a better understanding, appreciation, and utilisation of Renewable Energy technologies and everyday systems to Ghanaians, and to raise funds for the NGO as well. These funds will be going into a Plastic Waste Recycler - one of our biggest concerns in the country lately. It might not be under RETs, as Mercy points out, but it IS our version of Corporate Social Responsibility,if i can put it that way!

Therefore, with Mercy's assistance, we got Reggie Rockstone to say yes to a performance at the event .

To digress a bit, Rockstone blew us away with his humility and generosity that day! He accepted right away, due to the philantropic nature of the event, and left us speechless!

So Reggie Rockstone will be supporting us on that day with a music show to remember!

We are also having some competitive sports on that morning (from 6 am to 9 am) and then the rest of the day is dedicated to the Music show-FunFair.

This is all coming on at Lincoln Commnity School this October, and we are looking at 10,000 - 20,000 visitors and participants! It's going to be an all day event.

I recently dedicated a page to the details of this event on our website titled Lates Project!

Under it are details of the event, how to sponsor something under it, or buy into it ... or for those who simply want to get stands and mount adverts on the field that day ... how to do so. Just check it out too!!

So far, Coconut Grove has also given us a package for our Charity Ball, which will be held on the 24th/25th of October 2009, and we are still finalising details of support with 2 other companies.

We welcome all support, sponsorship, partnership deals from all people, bodies, organisations .... and we welcome a call anytime at all.

Starting tomorrow, I am sending about 60 letters round to possible sponsors and corporate partners, and it leaves us with 6 weeks to the D-Day!

I am excited already! And with all this flurry of activity, I will be uploading more pictures, recordings, events and progress reports in this week or 2 alone!

Stay tuned .... it's gonna be the ride of a lifetime, Making Green Energy a Culture in Ghana!

It's in our Stars!!!


  1. Yay! for Mercy! and Yay for Reggie agreeing too. I think he is a very nice person! Much nicer than most "celeb"-type folk in Ghana! He almost had to beg Michael Essian one time to take a picture with my friend and I!... hehe. Wish I was in Ghana to attend your events!

  2. Thanks, Miss Maxy!

    Reggie REALLY is so nice ... Mercy says she'll marry him! For a girl who isnt moved much, that's saying a lot, isn't it! I dont blame her too ... Reggie is nice.

    And maybe ... we might be able to bring this to you in the US and those in the UK.

    We are already working towards getting the status for that (fundraising from Ghanaians outside and sending back to Ghana).

    Do keep your fingers crossed for us!!!!!