Sunday, September 26, 2010

World Habitat Day! How can we let you know how important it is?

A child in the slum of Kibera


I'd like you all - readers and fellow bloggers - to note this day down in your books, to blog about this in advance or on the day in solidarity, to think about the deepness of this problem, and to spread the word to others via your conversations, blogs, and writings ... 

October 4th, 2010 ... World Habitat Day ...

... tell the world that people need access to affordable housing; to basic amenities; to hope ...

Yes, it's none of your business.
But what if a freak of circumstances, of genes, of nature, had placed you within your parents arms, and they lived in such locations of stark poverty; and you were born into it and know no other?
What if your child got lost in that situation after you had died early? Or you had happened to be a victim of war, devastated in the aftermath.
Or a natural disaster had crushed and shattered your luxurious world and left you on the verge of madness, thinking "this is a dream. I still have my home and my money ... living a good life", and you're still not waking up from that dream?

What if ... what if ... what if ....?

You'll never know, will you? Never know when this nasty situation of homelessness/deprivation will strike at your gut, and rip out a chunk of it, leaving you as just another statistic.
Strike a loved one, or the relatives of someone you love deeply, and you cannot help but feel the pain rub off on you ... strike the people you rely on so that your world comes crumbling down ...

So, reach out and help. Talk about it, and ask questions. Find solutions or recommend some.
Be a propagator and a helper ... help us bring adequate and affordable housing to the people who really need it ... today. Now.

Visit lend a hand.

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