Monday, September 13, 2010

Miss me? This girl's been busy! Our 2nd year Green Night ... 1st update.

Girl's been busy as heck! Trying to be everything, do everything! Heck, this sh*t is hard. I love it!! Yes!!

I've not been quiet for lack of something to holler about, noooooo.
Been working towards our 2nd year Annual Green day event.

Last year, ESF (my foundation for Renewable Energy Development & Sustainable issues in Ghana) held its first ever Green Energy event, in the form of a fair. 
If you've been regular to my blog, you'd know about it ... it's still in the archives.
Gave me a heart attack, stroke, hernia, epilepsy, ulcer all rolled into one, it did! Lordy!
What a heartbreaker ... but what a miracle!

Yes! It broke my heart that it didn't manifest the way I dreamed it, but the roads it opened up to me publicly, with crucial individuals; the partners I made from that initiative, the lessons I learned about life and friends and love ... it gave me so much more than I thought I had lost.

I don't regret the bloody event one bit! It hurts, but I'd do it again if I had to ... made me better!

Now this year, all of a sudden ... whoa! ... October is here again? Well, nearly ... and we haven't even gotten started on planning our 2nd annual event yet. So swoop! I was up and talking ... running around, picking vibes with my invisible antenna ... and I found the most marvellous partners I could ever have thought of for this year's event!

Bibie Brew and her New Morning Artistic Centre, Beating Tracks of the UK (Asabaako fame), and The Okyeame Network of Ghana!
They've been phenomenal!!! Peopleeeeeeee, I love you!!

So I've been working on this event, it's coming on at the New Morning Cafe in Tesano, near Abeka Junction on 2ND OCTOBER ... save the lovely date, people!! Save it! 
3pm to 8pm, and only GH5 cedis at the gate or buy a ticket at same price to guarantee your seat.
It's called "EARTH WORDS : Touching you, touching me - creatively up close and personal with our environment" (will upload the flier soon!)

We're gonna see some phenomenal youth in action with a Global Warming piece of stage drama that will have you rocking on your heels; more youth in a short powerful pantomime on humans and their relationship with Mother Earth; Bibie Brew's New Morning band tying your guts up with live jazz, blues, good highlife, and groovy boogy; and some good crowd interaction where I jump on the stage and scream obscenities at y'all till you kick my butt offa the stage.

No, of course not ... more along the lines of a guest expert interacting with you about Green Energy alternatives and how to do it, make it a business, Recycling creatively - having you throw questions, opinions, suggestions, everything at me concerning Recycling, Energy options, Environmental Protection, all the things we'll do on this artistic night, and all that lovely muck! 

It'll be talking Green ... artistically, enjoyably, unforgettably.
If you'll be in town (Accra/Ghana) on the 2nd of October, or currently residing here, or know friends and family who do ... tell them about it, and let them save the bloody date. I mean, lovely date!


Will tell you more about it, but in the meantime, I'm about to upload a few pictures of some of the moments of this planning, so far ... and THERE'S MORE TO COME, so check back here often. You won't believe what I'm going to show you next ... and no, it's not a marketing hype.

Love you, enjoy, and call me or hook up with me anywhere and let's be green lovers. Get me? ;-)
See you soon!

Bibie Brew & Golda
At New Morning Artistic center with some of the Ghanaian youth working towards
 2nd October night - EARTH WORDS
Me and the guys of the youth artistic group, under New Morning tutelage and
grooming (Bibie's Artistic Centre) towards Renewable Energy &
 Environmental Education via the arts.
Rehearsals at New Morning
Bibie taking the drama cast through some directives: working on the
Environmental play for EARTH WORDS
Caught in action!


  1. Missed you!!
    I'm loving this update, very excited for you and I'm proud of you too for staying on top of your goals!
    All the best Missy!


  2. Say what? Missed you too, Mike!
    I know, the energy is all up in here, isn't it?
    I'm positively panting all the time ... and I'm glad I have fellow bloggers like you to talk with.

    Thanks, and much love to you!