Monday, March 8, 2010

CONSTANT gas shortage in this age of RE techs (BIOGAS)? What a load of crap!

... and I wish we had so much more of that crap!

In my search for gas these past 2 weeks, I kept thinking, everytime I joined a queue in hopes of me making it to the supply point before they ran out (never happened) - if all these people in these endless queues (myself and my family included) donated their daily crap and that of their households, we'd have enough gas to take us for a few more days, mehn.

Like, who wouldn't thank us?
Here, you want the crap? Ooooo, you got it! Here you go. Want some more? .... cus buddy, we got a lot of the stuff where that came from, and it ain't going nowhere!! (wink).

Sh*t, God designed us real well, don't you think? In-built sources of energy, that when well combusted, is pumped enough to knock you out flat! And we still go around searching for (LP) gas ... and getting none!

Now, add all our household pets' crap, and that of livestock on farms and ranches, PLUS all the organic rot we leave to putrify for the Zoomlion Waste Collection guys ... and we got ourselves a piping hot commodity! Natural, green gas ... free and beautiful!

Mr. President ... Honourable E. Boamah (Dep. Min. for Env., Science & Technology) ... other stakeholders ... let's think about this. Seriously.

At a recent open forum in Accra, organised by Akunu Dake's Clean Climate Heritage (CCH), with presence from the EPA, Min. of E,S &T, Ecobank, Wildlife, several other crucial CSOs and organisations, the possible future of Sustainable Ghana was discussed.
Being one of the 3 interventors partaking in the programme, I made my point on the grassroots being involved in the change process for optimum success; and also the need to start investing in the inventions and engineering designs of our young GH engineers and informally trained inventors.

Honourable Boamah thereafter, promised me that he would take up all these requests for help, support, assistance, guidance, employment, etc. that filled up my inbox - from young engineers still jobless, illiterate but skilled inventors, and other youth who need academic and SME support.

We have been in communication since, and in spite of my well-placed doubts that he would REALLY do something beneficial about the situation; something that would actually reflect directly in the lives of these people, I think he may (50-50%) be proving me wrong.

Our last communication stated that he was really working on funding and investors for these innovations and inventions. And I always follow-through ... even if it will end in a no-go, I follow through to effectively conclude that it is a no-go. I hope he is truly the difference I see at the governmental level.

On that note, if anyone has any innovation or technology they'd like to have taken up, should funding really come through (or if you know any Ghanaian who does/can), let the person forward their contacts to my foundation (, and we'll let them know when funding gets in, or if an investor shows interest.

I believe we ought to be manufacturing our own R. Energy techs, and not importing them in at (of course, higher costs).

We have several possible solutions to the global problems of filth, disease, over-population, poverty, conflict ... at our fingertips.
Only laziness and low self-worth keeps us from trying them all out.

Global warming and Climate Change ... it really is happening. Look around you, read a little, and say global disasters, epidemics, and geographical changes are not really happening.
If you don't know where to start, let me point you in a few directions :

Lake Chad ... now a mud bed. (yes, seriously) Google it up, and you'll even get images.
The Sahara desert ... anyone still measuring the borderlines of these shifting sands? Coming soon to a garden near you!
Green tree covers as opposed to more earth exposure ... less or more and which? Google again! (You gotta love Google!)
I could go on ad nauseum ....

But one thing you should always remember ... when you invest in a future, make sure that future's really gonna be there when you get there. Think about it.


  1. I applaud Honorable Boamah for stepping up.
    I also hope he is really working on this.


  2. Not sure how much truth there is to this but I understand that about 30 years ago, KNUST took up a project with AMA, started laying pipes in a part of Accra New Town connecting the KVIPs in the area to tap methane gas.


  3. I hope he does too, Mikey.
    30 years ago? Gee ... I don't quite know if they will be on track now. I mean, with our record of maintenance and all ...:)
    If it was true, the technology would have been adapted, kept up with modern developments, and been applied all over the nation, no?
    I doubt, Mike ... I doubt.