Thursday, November 5, 2009

Adopting villages ...

I need some help in making a few choices.


Though this might seem awfully like 5 Degrees of Separation, it's really not.
Think Renewable Energy ... if you want to know what ought to bind them together.

Help me out here if you are interested ... If ESF is about to 'adopt' a village, where we can best learn how to implement effective Green Energy initiatives, which of these communities should we go for?

If you had this choice to make ... which one would YOU go for?
And if none feels right to you ... which community in Ghana, outside of the city, would you encourage us to adopt?

Now, here we are, sitting in a computer-age of serious technological advancements and child-genuises.
We have a country full of hills and mountains in places ... valleys and plains ... savannahs and forest zones in others.

We could have done better with tourism ... but not as much as we OUGHT to have done much more with them, in terms of producing Green Energy for the people living there.
If the excuse was that it was too expensive back then, well ... it isn't anymore. 'Too expensive' that is.

Neither does one always need to start on a large extensive scale first ... nor does it only have to be the most expensive technology that gets promoted.

On Phase 2 of the Greenfoot Campaign ... we bring you the practical, affordable aspects of acquiring alternative and green energy FOR YOURSELF, BY YOURSELF.

You'll be surprised.
Then you'll wonder why people aren't being made aware of this.
And maybe ... you'll help us do something to avert this energy crisis that looms over Ghana and Africa now.

So ... which one?


  1. I'd pick Akwatia. No specific reason other than the impression I have that it is near Tarkwa. If it is near Tarkwa, you have a chance of getting support from the mining industry out there.

    You might be able to get some support from Barefoot College too (or its graduates if Ghana actually has any).


  2. Wow! Chapeau, my friend!

    Will check if there are any grads yet from the College ... appreciate this, M!