Saturday, October 31, 2009

Dream under Construction ... a time of healing.

Hey there, everyone!

A period of rest and silence ... and I am taking a brief return to let you know that the dream is till under construction.

It has been a journey of a lifetime, so far! I have met people, made friends, been shocked with hostility or bowled over with deceit and pretence! LOL!

Laughter, because I have also seen kindness I never knew existed ... in people I never thought could show such emotions, and in places I least expected ... it has helped me over much.

I take the opportunity to thank the friends who stood by me through the thick and the nasty ... unashamed to share in my struggle and humiliation. I don't know how to thank you, but I will spend my life trying.

I still owe a lot, and still receive a lot of calls from my debtors ... but I have managed to put a few measures in place to help both of us cope with the walkt to financial freedom (debt free state) ... :-)

I am happy to inform you that there are a few surprising rays of light already swirling around in my Greenfoot Campaign, in what recently was bleak darkness ... and these I will share with you sooner or later, bu defintely share it with you.

I daresay it will stun you as much as it does me now, and I hope, then ... you will all feel a LITTLE of the fire that burns in me, within you.

So, now that you are all sure I am alive and kicking, and still on road ... I shall return to my drawing board, happy!


Golda Addo.

P.S: Please visit this site, and lend your support!!


  1. YAY! that makes me happy! Resilience I say! You have my support!

  2. You 2 are my perfect cheering squad! I should fire the 2 of you!! You are just perfect, and that's not good. LOL!!