Sunday, October 18, 2009

The Greenfoot Campaign Funfair with Reggie Rockstone - how it all went!!

THE GREENFOOT funfair with Reggie Rockstone!!

So 17th October finally arrived, amidst serious countdowns, as much advertising as we could afford, distribution of fliers all over Accra, trips to Kumasi, etc to spread the word, hundreds of text messages, hundreds of calls, and a lot of work.

So not all our fair participants made it. Most of them cancelled at the last minute.

So Reggie came to the fair, with autographed copies of his new album “Reggiestration”. He came with Eddie Blay, Kwaku-T, D-Black, his wife, his son, and was expecting Abodam …. Asem as well, but he had a gig in Kumasi. He got in at 4.30 pm. Hoping for a good crowd to do his interactive programme with, backed by his entourage.

I will post the video recording and the photographs when they are paid for and delivered.

The Mail, Ghana News Agency, and Metro TV made it, and did some interviews and coverage. The Daily Graphic and Joy FM did not make it. Zenith marketer Abraham Yeboah came around to support us. It was just him. UBA had called to collaborate, and promised a representation there. I didn’t see them.

Of the huge number of calls, emails, and messages we had, pledging support to be there with us yesterday, we had a total of …………… 60 fair visitors.

Of this number, only Chris Adjei, Kwaku Osei Tutu and Araba Asare-Kumi. Gyasiwa Gyasi and Tweikuwa Stanhope-Essamuah. Pearl Antwi, and her sister, Belinda Antwi. Michael Kottoh, Hawa and Fali Amuzu, Clarence Parker-Allotey, Biantey Agah, Jack Delaney, Tobias, Andreas, Dr. Joseph Kwao, Musyani, Mercy’s auntie, cousin, and 2 friends were the direct friends who made it there. These people, out of the at least 300 direct friends who we had contacted, made it.

Akunu Dake, Tiger Okyne made their excuses before the event, and were very encouraging. Some did not acknowledge receipt of messages received, nor of the event.

EXPENDITURE (part):Lincoln Community School rent - GH 620 cedis (day)

Cost of organization of fair (final week)- GH 250 cedis (transport, communication, etc.)

Bouncy Castle and kid’s balloons - GH 155 cedis

PA system and DJ services - GH 400 cedis

Volunteer tags, t-shirts, welfare - GH 270 cedis

Tickets for fair, various events - GH 120 cedis

Media costs - GH 50 cedis

Food (estimate for 500 people) - GH 800 cedis

Canopies, Tables, Chairs, T&T - GH100 cedis

Miscellanous - GH 80 cedis

Photography & video coverage - GH 850 cedis

TOTAL - GH3695 cedis

This is just the accumulated cost for the fair itself in the last week of organization. If I start calculating from beginning of this campaign, I might get grey hairs, so I won’t go there.

I am grateful to Mercy Anane-Frempong

our faithful Volunteers (who made this thing theirs, and were on the phone calling people the whole day! You guys are my team from now forever!!! These people sent me consoling messages the whole night yesterday!)

Kwaku Osei Tutu and Araba Asare-Kumi (Osei was darn broke, but sent me GH 7.50 credit when I was at my lowest!!)

Chris Adjei

Gyasiwa Gyasi and Tweetie (who at 9 am came and stayed for hours, before going to a wedding in the afternoon)

my cousin Clarence Parker-Allotey (held my heart together for me)

Michael Kottoh

my sister, Gloria Aryitey

Biantey Agah (who went to Cape Coast and hurried back to Accra just to make it to the fair, then stayed late to help pack and send some of the team members home!)

They stayed the whole day, through the insults, angry participants demanding a refund, and battery of accusing glares that came our way till Reggie and his friends came.


Efuwa Quansah (UK)

Fred Anani-Frimpong (dotFAF) (UK)

Yram Foli (US)

Geraldine Shole Gerber (UK)

Priscilla Owusu-Ansah (Sweden)

Grace Apiagyei (UK)


These people called me from where they are, and kept up with ESF’s progress 100%!

I thank EVERYBODY outside the country who sent messages of encouragement one way or the other as well.

I thank Reggie, his team, and his wife – they have offered Gh 500 cedis to lessen my financial debt, and have promised to keep having my back through the years …. And insist on doing it again till it succeeds.

Reggie refused to charge anything for his support and involvement, right down to his transportation, pulling in his musician friends, etc! And has promised to do this free with us all through!!

I am grateful to you all, and I shall keep you abreast of how things go.

With the strong shoulders of Clarence Parker-Allotey, Michael Kottoh and Chris Adjei …. Who refuse to let me give up, I am progressing ahead with the Charity Ball this very Saturday. These guys have already started working on getting the necessary publicity and marketing up for Monday, to help me get my 200 charity ball participants.



  1. I was one of those friends who did not make it. Why didn't I? I dunno. I had several meetings same day. I think I could have rescheduled those meetings if I was really bent on coming...

    I've been quiet about this whole thing because I'm not err, sure what my involvement really should be. As a friend, I support your efforts and I wish it goes well. I'm heartened to learn of your successes. The interview on TGIF and other media coverage and I take that to mean people are learning about you. But then what?

    Maybe part of the problem is that people are energy/green converted or they're not. There was a time when I was very interested in matters of energy and saving the planet etc etc but I have to admit that my interest in such matters has waned. That of course is not to say that these issues are not important. They are. But to draw some of us in, we need to be made to feel again. Honestly you don't want people to come to an event because they think they're doing you a favor. You want the people who come because they believe in the same cause, the same ideals and values. Right now, I'm not there.

    You have a tough job. i.e. waking up those of us that are asleep, and making us feel, making us burn with passion to save the planet. It's not going to be easy but I'm open to being converted:)

    Congrats on everything so far. They say the world is not changed by the people who can. It is changed by the people who will. And from where I sit, it looks to me like you're fired up to do exactly that.

  2. Esi ... thank you. And I mean this deeply.

    You have opened another aspect of my work up to me ... put the passion into the people ... wake them up.
    I read a short inspirational message the evening of the fair ... after I got home, and sat staring at the blinking PC cursor which danced behind the total debt figure i owed.

    The message read : "everyone comes into the world with a purpose. Just because yours is difficult, or does not look as appealing as another's, does not mean you should decide to go after theirs or similar role.
    What is your mission, is only yours to fulfill."

    I feel it in every pore, and at times, it makes it hard for me to keep remembering that it is not the same fire that burns in others.
    I have to keep that in mind ... you have been very timely with this advice.

    I pray that I receive more of such from others, to help me be a little more guided in my approach.

    See you on the next level, my friend!

  3. I am very proud of you my friend! Don't be discouraged. Gradually people will come around. Change is difficult and uncomfortable but Ghana will be awakened and you will be a pioneer in that! Hugs

  4. Thank you, Maxy! Hugs and loads of love!