Wednesday, October 21, 2009


Dear Members! Free Charity Cocktail Ball!

Pull dem dresses and suits out now!!!

After some strategizing and testing the waters ... I realised that the Charity Ball patronage will be low.

I had earlier decided to make a fiery presentation to the 4 Speakers and an empty room ... seeing as patronage would be so low for a paid event!

And also because, with an empty room, and the initial shock they would go through ... they would be aware that so much needs to be done here in Ghana.
And it is the first lesson we should have - the truth of the situation.

I intended to make this presentation on feasible, practical aspects of our Sustainable Waste Management initiative - which seeks to turn our terrible landfill sites into organized, compartmentalized sites where Sorting, Recycling, and Methane Gas (for communal cooking and elcetrical use) goes on.

Not only is this practical, but it is a direct source of Employment, a Curative Solution to our Health care system, and the best way to start educating the masses about non-littering ... with this practical example of community effort.

This was what i planned to present as part of my solo performance this Saturday, with the hope that after their anger dies down, these Speakers will agree that there is a valid point to this, and offer some of their influence and status to get things growing.

BUT I then thought ... if the room will be empty, why not make it free them, and still get some people to come?


I don't lose!!

So ... if you are in Accra, and have this dress or suit that you've been dying to wear ... take it out!!!

Be with me at 6:30 pm on Saturday at the Coconut Grove Regency Hotel, North Ridge ... and have a wonderful 2 hours meeting new people, collaborating, and talking about how we can also help CHANGE GHANA!

It's a cocktail event, with the hotel's bar serving drinks to those who want to buy!

What better than to do this with 4 prominent Ghanaians with the influence to make our suggestions happen?!!

If you are thinking yes ... I need to know! ... reply YES to this message, with your name now!!! I need you on this.

Programme is this very Saturday.

xxx, Golda Addo.


  1. Keep ya head up Golda.
    It might not be highly evident now but your efforts have stirred the waters. Watchout as the waves rise.

  2. Yes i'mma be there. Rustling a few friends there.. please put more info on the facebook page as I used that as a means of inviting others.

  3. Guys, I appreciate it!

    Unfortunately, Coconut Grove insists on a paid dinner event as a criterion for facilitating their sponsorship offer of free venue for the event.

    Once I made it free, due to lack of purchasing of the ticket, they informed me that the sponsorship was cancelled.

    Unfortunately, in trying to recoup from the earlier unpatronised fair, i am still paying debts, and cannot afford any other location demanding payment.

    I apologise for the inconvenience!!!