Sunday, November 4, 2012

... and HOPE stood tall.

It's surreal sometimes ... an out-of-body like experience, seeing myself still on this journey  I started for ESF (if you're new to this blog, that stands for Energy Solutions Foundation, my NGO); seeing the projects I've worked on, and still on, are things I never thought I could accomplish or have enough time and energy for; things I have absolutely no academic and professional background in. Yet, I am actually ...doing them ... and getting them done right.


Below are images of the recycled things I designed and actually made last month, after a bit of hiatus:
Our RECYCLED coffee table (BornAgain! product line: discarded car tyre, metal rod, and construction plywood.
ALL the recycled and upcycled products from the latest BornAgain! range of designs.

The upcycled BornAgain! Notebooks, Drinking glass, and the Coffee Table. #sustainability #recycling

The back of our upcycled notebooks: old tealeaf boxes used to make files for keeping 'things' safe.

Old T-shirts, and old sponge ... and voila! A mop, a rug, a bathmat - it works!

Our fabric scraps and cushion corner seat - recycled  from old fabrics, cushion, and  a metal rod.

The full album is on my Facebook ESF Pagehere.
What do you think about them? Tell me. 

I have also found more inspiration for this pioneering work in the Energy, Waste, and Recycling industry, meeting and working with a sister NGO concerned with the plight of mentally challenged and handicapped people; and having travelled through Benin's Songhai Centre, through Nigeria and seen the energy challenges, through Kenya and seen the innovations, through Togo, Burkina Faso and seen how the African sub-region is (not) handling the most pressing need of the people - ENERGY. POWER. FUEL.

I know what these projects do for me. They keep hope alive. For me, and the many people who now own some of these items.And the many other people who are about to benefit from owning one. And the many others who are being taught how to make one via my district and area programmes, and the many others who will sell some for a commission. That means profit, livelihoods, skills, capacity-building. 
That means HOPE.