Wednesday, November 2, 2011


… grows a monumental project for the people.

Within these moments of silence, grows a monumental project for the people.
I am aware that many are the eyes watching the tasks I have began, red markers in hand, ready to grade the conclusion.
My priority is not to them, though they be yet a consideration.

My priority is to they who stretched out a hand of support to mine and said, “Here. Have my strength.”
To them who leaned over and dropped a coin, a note, a bundle, an item for direct support into my project-coffers and said, “My widow’s mite, but still with all my heart.”
To them who have come forward to collaborate, publicise, and shout from the rooftops that which I do, telling people, “Look here. Look this way! Here’s something that needs your attention and support.”
To them who have quietly spread my work to others and created a path ahead of me, so that sometimes when I mention my name in a circle, I am known before I make myself known.

I owe you the successful completion of this work I have began. I will complete it.

It may take more weeks or months than you or I would like. But I have learnt … through several cycles of experiences … that it is not about swiftness, nor flashiness when dealing with lives.
It is about roots. Deep, strong, wide-spread roots.

I will be transparent, accountable, and open to questions all through. And I will be right here. Working.

I thank you.


  1. ...Great..U do U gal!!...


  2. Amevi, thanks Doc!!

    Calling Rates, I am really really glad!! Do keep coming back, and keep feedbacking.