Sunday, August 28, 2011

They're sitting pretty ... hands folded and placed in-between their legs. They're sitting pretty.

People!! Wharrup? Eh? Kilode? What's good? Que pasa? Comment ca va? And all o' that ... and all o' that!

Mehn, I've got pictures on the 1st ever National (Ghana) Congress on Environment, Water, Sanitation, Science to show y'all ... now where that folder at? 
I'll set it up in a bit soon as I settle, okay? Ha!

Okay! So have you donated to our TUORI Biogas Facility Fundraiser yet?
Why not? Oh.

Please .... my eyes are closed. Before I open them, swivel your lovely eyes up to the top right-hand corner of this page ... yes, this very page ... and softly CLICK on the "Donate" button there ... and D O N A T E.

Donate something people. It takes little effort and time, but impacts these people in Tuori in a big way. If you (still) don't know what I'm talking about, see HERE to read all about this Biogas facility for this struggling little farmstead + cattle ranch up north of my country. 
We raising only $3500, and the team to build it donating their own logistics in support (about $3000) ... but we need your donations to make it happen!

Now, have you finished reading the "HERE" link?
Have you clicked the "Donate" button?
Have you donated?

Now, please tell another body...
I'll wait for you. Please go tell another body.
(2 hours later)
All done?

Good. Great. Now .... Ghana has gotten REAL PROGRESS in the bio-diesel direction.
A fabulous guy who has also, like me, fought against the odds for almost 5 years to make it happen, has ACTUALLY produced bio-diesel out of normal palmoil, waste vegetable oil, and is working on a 2500-litre capacity for anyone who wants to/feels like using bio-diesel (available right here in Ghana). 
There is also a brilliant Ghanaian from up North with success in sunflower bio-diesel, though not on the same scale as my friend's palmoil and waste vegetable oil AND any other fat source set-up. (Tell you more in next post). And these two people have met ... and I have met one of them, and we are going to meet together ... and you get the idea.

The side products - glycerin - will be used in creating job opportunities for the people in soap making and body lotion too (I use glycerin often when I'm in Europe 'cus my skin gets very dry) and the palm chaff, palm kernels, palmkernel-nuts - will be used for animal meal AND briquettes!!!! 
More jobs. More sustainability!

The bio-diesel from the palm and the waste vegetable oils and the other sources of fat (I have seen the team and the equipment, people!) CAN be used in diesel generators, diesel cars, diesel motors, diesel commercial processors, diesel everything .... and my engineer partner in Aburi is ready to develop more appropriate technology to meet the bio-diesel team of S. Tawiah  for more innovative machines for power, cooking, burning,lighting that can utilise this.

Side intentions are  ... to use the steam produced from the esterification and other processes ... to also power equipment ... on-site and near-site and off-site!

Oh God! I see the future coming, and it looks so good people! And it looks good Ghana style! 
You cannot imagine how happy, hopeful, and high I have been these past few days, just meeting S. Tawiah, seeing his progress, seeing how my plans, works, and his are dove-tailing ... and the vast opportunities and possibilities.

And y'all know I don't write about just anything ... I write about what I am SURE of, whether that thing is good, or bad ... I am often sure about my facts.
And THIS development I am sure about!

I shall be writing more about this, introducing S.T to you all, and making you part of this incredible journey that is now looking very good.

Now .... back to my TUORI Biogas Fundraiser ... 
I am auctioning an awesome picture from RQV (Rodney Quarcoo Visuals), a popular excellent photographer here in Ghana. 
He donated it in support of the fundraiser! I am so grateful! (visit to see some of his work).

I am AUCTIONING it, and the funds will go into the Biogas Fundraiser for Tuori. Please join in the auction too ... see the image of Rodney and the picture in question below: 

Rodney Quarcoo with image he donated to Tuori Biogas Facility Fundraiser ... for auction!
Rodney autographing the picture ... at his studios in Accra.

He calls it "No Parking" and it is the first-ever printout of the image. 
He shot it at dawn at one of the oldest neighbourhoods in Accra called Jamestown, and captured the fishermen about to set off in what looked like an impromptu convoy of fishing boats ... the rising sun ahead, on the horizon. 
I will pay $500 for this in a heartbeat. 
It will come framed, can be FedExed to you, and it is autographed by Rodney himself.

I am also going to try and put it up on e-bay, but if not, email me or comment on here, or GooglePlus me about the auction. 

Current offer is GH200cd for the image. It is still going higher.
Someone out here can do better, and get this actual AUTOGRAPHED Rodney Quarcoo image original that tells people you SUPPORTED a Ghanaian village get a biogas facility!
How cool is that?! Let's do this, people!!
Donate too!

MAKSI, the FashionHouse supporting us also handed over their 1st cheque from a percentage of their clothing line sales that they designed to support everything we're doing here at Energy Solutions Foundation. 

They initially intended to support till August, but they fell in love with what this one woman (me, yes me!) is doing here and decided to extend it indefinitely ... so every 3 months, they intend to donate percentage of their sales.

This first cheque came for GH150cd and I put it into the Tuori Biogas Fundraiser kitty.
We have now raised GH1200 cd with GH3300 more to go! HELP people!
See the image of handover below (forgive the quality. A better one will come.) That's Nana Darkoah Sekyiamah of MAKSI ( handing over the cheque to me:
Nana Sekyiamah of MAKSI handing over 1st cheque for GH150cd  in support of ESF!
One of the fliers MAKSI has out for their campaign with us (ESF)
... And that's me (sans my spectacles). Hello.

People are struggling really hard with fuel, power, energy sources, comrades.
People are fighting hard to get access to what should not even have to be a problem.
When I was in Lawra, Yargpelle and Tuori, the women would leave home at dawn and go scout for twigs, grass, fallen branches (treasure!) and logs (ooh la la!) and carry them home, getting back about almost noon. Before they go fetch water, come and cook, and take care of the home.
The girls and the women do this. Where is the time to make a career or a job, or even go to school? Where is the peace of mind for developing their community, or even the time?
They come down here in droves and flocks and we wonder why. Their sons, brothers, and fathers might become criminals and attack us in our homes, and we wonder why?

Where is the parliamentarian who talks big and joins a string of big words together, and forgets people are actually dying every single one of the minutes he is spouting rhetoric nonsense right here in Ghana ... from poverty, low standards of living, poor housing, nutrition, education, unemployment??
Where is the policy-maker who has the Energy Bill and Renewable Energy Bill of Ghana sitting in his toilet as spare/emergency wipe, or on the magazine rack as comic material instead of actually working hard to pass the damn thing into law and fine-tune it for the people?
Where are the Ghanaian businessmen and wealthy "boggers" who can come together and help people like me, S. Tawiah, others out there also struggling to develop alternatives and future safeguards as we are doing ... to help us financially, network-wise, contact-wise, investment-wise ... to do this?
Where is the President of Ghana?
Where are you, you the one reading this right now?

Are you going to help? Or are you just gonna sit pretty, and clasp your hands in-between your legs ... looking at me?

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  1. I will walk to work and back home everyday to save GHc 600.00/anum to support the green movement in Ghana, so help me God.

  2. Haha! Adokwei, for reals?! I'd hate for your wife to kill me oh!
    But you're the bomb with support and donations to this NGO and we LOVE you, man!!
    Jah love!

  3. Keep doing what you do best. You are making waves and very soon.... great rewards will follow. God bless you.

  4. must confess a link somewhere drew me to your link, Golda. Am gonna read it in full. I already have been saving money and taking it away from taxi-drivers by walking or taking the trotsky when I can!;-))

    Big ups, G! Way to go!

  5. Heya Nana! Thank you ever so much, love. God bless you too!!
    EK Bensah ... thanks, and big ups to you too ... for all the information and links you keep passing my way!
    Thank you, guys!!