Monday, December 6, 2010

A cry from the heart of Nana ... listen!

Nana Amoako Agyeman (Mr. Rod McLaren to some people) has become a good friend of mine, as well as one of my rocks in the world of advocacy in Ghana.
He made this video in the hopes that it will make the rounds to the President's PC someday soon, or get to his ears sooner ... and cause something to be done for the fishing folks whose lives are being destroyed by the commercial trawlers. This is not just a matter of fishermen facing 'competition' (this is more like stealing candy from a baby) ... it is more about the domino effects on the entire country (from that fishermen, through to the fishmongers, to the families and cuisine industries now experiencing shortages and incredulous high prices, and on and on and on!).

Visit Youtube and view this 1 minute stunning silent video :
and read what he says about it on his blog :

If you have mouth, say something.
If you have a flair for writing, pen this down and put it out there.
If you have the power and luck to be well-connected, use it ... share this message and let us get something done about this .... and the other countless issues just like it!!

We must not sit and do nothing ... if we have the power to do something.

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  1. Golda, I have just now seen your post - let me know the feedback that you get. Already I have been told that Fisheries is setting up "watchdogs" from the shore along the coast - people who can report these foreign trawlers so that some action can be taken. It is only through the concerted and continued vigilance of citizens that we will save our environment and ourselves. Blessings for you and for all who care about our unborn children. Let all of us who live in this blessed country stand up and insist that our unborn children inherit the same blessings that we inherited.