Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Earth Words how did it go? & Paper bags back in town?

I'm sitting here at Busyinternet, Circle, typing up this update with gusto! My internet's not happened for near one week now ... don't ask. This is Ghana.

Kiss my teeth. Aren't we sick and tired of hearing that now? This is Ghana, where heroes and heroines abound, but shit happens every day. What do you know? I'm sitting in one at the moment!

My internet is out. Lecturers are on strike though our full fees are paid. I'm having to live on a very stict budget all of a sudden. My best friends are still out of the country. My big sister and muse, Bibie is also outta town ... I'm not having a very good phase right now. I love it.

It went beautifully! I thank Maame Aba of Daixy's blog and her lovely friends for coming on time, and staying through ... they couldn't have left, they enjoyed it too much. :)
I thank all my friends who came out of the will and desire to be part of an enviromental difference of an artistic event, and came to share the afternoon and evening with me.
I thank the people who promised to come, and ACTUALLY did.
Some people promised and did a fantastic no-show ... some simply could not be bothered to come and see it, I understand ... they're not freaks, they're real.
Ok, ok, so i can't help being sarcastic ... i just wish more of you would actually come have fun at these gatehreings which happen for free, or cost as little ad GH5 cedis, but which cost us an arm and a leg in cash to put together, and so much more in energy, passion, and emotion.

Some pictures of the event at this link (not many, but you'll get the pro ones soon!) will be linked here soon ... forgive me, i just can't find the link at the moment.
Perhaps you'd like to visit Bibie's (Bibie Brew) page on Facebook and see the pictures there ... no, don't ask to be her friend and expect a yes if she doesn't know you, you baby! But if you do locate her page, simply look out for Earth Words stuff and have fun in there .... looking through. :)

But quite a number of people did make it, and I'm grteful ... I went home and cried tears of joy. It was such a profound moment for me, and the energy and adrenaline, then the fatigue of the past few weeks totally crushed no me, and I cried for hours, curled up in bed.

My family didn't come as well, which made it more painful ... though my brother's girlfriend did and gave me one good moment. She didn't have to, especially since my brother ws sleeping it off at home, but she DID. Thanks, Jacque. You're a queen.

Bibie was a monument of bliss for me ...!
I thought I was the crazy free spirit who still run her days like a battle-plan, focused on each and every detail of her work schedules, lived on strict personal philosophies, spoke bluntly and freely, and loved with all her heart (and also told every idiot off with all her heart) ... I just found out that Bibie is actually me a few years down the line.
It's like i visited the future and saw myself ... and dang! I like it!
I love the woman who started out as my collaborator for Earth Words, and grew into my soul sister, my sister, and myself out of myself.
If you're in France over the next 2 months, ask anyone about BB Brew and where next she's performing on her 2010 Tour, and they'll gush all over till you beg them to stop.
She's a siren, a diva, a warm angel ... and they adore her in France!For good reason.
She made Earth Words possible too!

For now, I am working on my Wa firewood-alternative project ... due back there for the training in 2 months.
Oh eeek! I haven't put up the update on that trip yet, have i? Oh nooo! Even our close call with a police escort and alll? Hell, no ... Ididn't just have a senior (forgetful) moment on you!
Ok, will pt it up tomorrow, how about that? Never too late ... :-)

And another thing, during the lively, intersting forum we had on Earth Words, a colleague blogger suggested insisting on paper bags everytime we shop, as he is doing personally.
Several of us wondered how many people have paper bags to pack customer's stuff in after shopping ... and I was too. Surprise surprise!!

I was at the Mayan Book shop in East Legon (my favourite book shop for good books, classicals, etc) last 2 weeks, and the Kingdom Books and Stationaery Swan Lake Osu branch (the new one) ... and was SO HAPPY when they packed all my purchases in BEAUTIFUL paper bags for me!!!

Yes, people ... demnding and demanding does bring ears up. I was so happy I couldnt stop grinning ... the sales lady must have thought I have never been to Accra before, seeing as I was smiling so much about her putting my stuff in a paper bag!
If she only knew how happy it made me feel, seeing how mny less plastic bags would be let free in the environment with ALL THOSE BEAUTIFUL PAPER BAAAAAAGS!!!

Well, so pass by those places sometime, and buy something and ... lets encourage the other service providers to do same ... even encourage clients to have cloth bags, so we dont go back to cutting down all the trees for paper!

Well, lovies, I'm out, enjoy the pictures, and I'll be back soon with the Wa update.
Stay green and happy!

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