Sunday, September 27, 2009

3 weeks to go! Crazy weeks ahead!

Modern technology
Owes ecology
An apology (Alan M. Eddison)

Ain't that true!

Heard Japan has pledged to cut down on their carbon emissions 25% by 2020! Should all other countries follow, we are in for the greenest, lushest, most fantastic half-decade ever! A time-frame which is sure to see us enjoying the fruits of our labour.

15th October, 2009 is Action Blogging Day, and the topic chosen for this year is Climate Change. Furthermore, the Copenhagen international climate conference will be happening in December. Seems like this year is for the Green-ies!

It's a dream. A wonderful dream. Painstakingly achievable, but highly feasible.

So ....!

Have you told your friends and family about the 17th October yet?
Marked it on your calendar already?
Called up your 4-man posse members on prepping for it?
Have you asked your company to attend as part of its Corporate Social Responsibilities ... yet?

If you didn't know ... entry fee is only GH 2.00 cedis.
You come as a 4-member group, its only GH 6.00 cedis.

Reggie's "Take the Mic" ticket will be out soon, and can be bought ahead of time, or at the gate.
That one is going at GH 20.00 cedis for 150 people. So book your ticket ahead of time if you can help it!

The Charity Ball tickets are also out already, and will be available for purchase at the fair grounds on the 17th October as well. I have delivered a few to friends and corporates already, so if you need any, just let me know! It's for 200 people. It will have presentations and short talks from select lead experts, specialists, ground-breaking companies, foreign investors, and financiers - on the evening's programme.

It will have celebrities, famous personalities, achievers in the corporate world, and amazing mavericks who have done the once-thought-of impossible! If you can afford it, DON'T MISS OUT on this ball! I assure you! The networking, financial, investment possibilities are endless.

I was in Elmina on Founder's Day ... met with the Project Manager for Cyclus Elmina Plastic Waste Recycling Plant in Aburansa-Komenda in Elmina.
Very personable man, and passionate about Sustainable efforts ... a man who had spent 9 years in Cameroon working on wind power projects and water engineering.

I went to see what Cyclus Elmina was all about, and how our fundraising efforts for a Plastic Waste Recycler in Accra could fit into their agenda - for better synergy. Also to learn as much about the process and its inputs as possible.

I didn't regret the trip. All my studies, readings, and research on possible end-products of plastic recycling, both occurring in other parts of Africa, and yet to happen ... were already being tested by Wim and his team in Elmina.
By the end of the meeting, I had had more than enough knowledge on how such a plant worked, and gotten a signed agreement from Cyclus Elmina to support in Accra, in terms of Plastic Waste collection (as totally as possible),education and training (of local inhabitants).

We were worried that they were not getting enough plastic waste to meet the plant's quota in Elmina ... whereas those who claimed to be collecting it in Accra seemed blind to those scattered all over the streets, and every other available space in the capital city! Apparently, deals are struck with hotels, schools, and institutions, and they collect directly from selected sources.

Here at ESF, we intend to give the money-less, homeless teens the opportunity to make 100% of the money paid by Cyclus for this plastic waste .... by hiring them on to actually collect those littering our neighbourhoods, as well as talk to the households living in those communities, so that they pick up directly from them.

Whatever cash is paid by Cyclus Elmina, we pay back 100% to them after weighing. Our focus is to clean up the plastic litter, and make sure Cyclus's plant is being utilised to the max! Cyclus also issues cheques weekly to pay, so is sorta better than most other plastic-using manufacturers in the country, who are less regular (or less reliable about paying).

You can see some of the pictures from my Elmina trip to Cyclus, and also at the guest house, where i stayed overnight.

With 3 weeks to go, I am still working on getting as many sustainable businesses and ideas involved in the Fair and the Ball, as is possible.

Here's to THE GREENFOOT CAMPAIGN!! Hip hip hooorah!

Lol. What a silly goose! I just love it! lol!

See you all soon, guys! Mwah!!


  1. Wish I could be there to support you but I am praying everything goes great!

  2. Thank you, dear. Need it! Hoping you are doing great as well. xx