Wednesday, July 22, 2009

And ... Halt!!!

Ghana got waste! Ghana got it good ... waste! We got the trash, y'all!
And it's the most unpleasant stink ... shish! But the government's loving it ... oooo yah!

They have to be loving it, because we dont see them doing much about it.

Not even when communities fight with the rubbish-dumpster truck-drivers and people get killed in cold blood. Not even when the people in the community block the roads leading to the landfill sites because they never authorised anybody to make that place a dumpsite, and yet the Metropolitan authorities have made it so ... by force!

The people live WITH the trash ... its like the are living on an island surrounded by millions of cubic metres of trash.The stench is so unbearable ... they have nowhere else to live ... and by right ... it is their home. They say their families are dying, getting odd coughs and respiratory problems all the time ... they killed one person just last month at Masalachi, Mallam in Accra ... no worries ... the dumptrucks kept coming!

How do I know? I live just 2 kilometres shy of the place ... and I can smell the "shizz"! I can see it, and we all suffer for it, one way or the other. It is replicated all over Ghana, and horrible diseases keep coming up!

Government hasnt said a word. The MP for the area hasn't said anything. The NGOs and Civil Societys are oddly absent on the issue.

Whatever happened to creating biogas plants? Whatever happened to the Kumasi biogas pilot plant?

Why is the government allowing precious 100s of 1000s of hectares of agricultural land in the North and Volta regions to be used to cultivate jatropha for biodiesel ... when it is toxic to humans and animals ... when we dont have enough food in Ghana ... when we are generating 18,480,000 cubic metres of waste DAILY in Ghana and 90% of it has nowhere to go!!!!!!!!!!!!Why is the government not saving us?

SO I RECEIVED MY NGO CERTIFICATION from the Registrar-Generals last week. I was elated, at the same time ... stymied.I knew that funding would come due to who I knew, and that it would be a long hard struggle ... I want to focus on the local communities drowning under the waste ... to teach them how to take the waste and turn it into treasure and sources of income ... and therby reduce the volumes coming in as well as make some money of it.

I checked online for UNEP offices in Ghana. There is none. Closest are Kenya and ... I forget. I check UNDP. We do have one here, and they do have Energy and Environment on their agenda, and they are very busy with attaining the Millenium Devt Goals ... I really have to make it a point to go there ... I put them a little lower on my list because of bureacratic issues.I checked on AREED, and they said they funded entrepreneurs ... we are not-for-profit.

They however led me to KITE, and they are also not-for-profit and cannot sponsor another NGO. They have a lot of high-falutin reports on their website on RETs, past present and future research reports - done and ongoing - since 1999/2000 -

But why dont i see this evident in our communities? Where did all the research go? We are still drowning in waste, and they are talking "biomethanation" ... and cutting carbon emissions" ....I am so sad ...
How does Energy Solutions acquire the necessary funding to assist the very people who are dying of the trash?
No sooner had i gotten certified, than I see the barriers ... and I'm gonna go through them!!

Please check out these links:

And you're gonna help us ...

Please help ENERGY SOLUTIONS any way you can ... material donations, human resources with knowledge in waste engineering, funding ... 50 pesewas ... 1 dollar ... 2 pounds ... 3 GH cedis ... Ghanaians in the country and out of it ... all nationalities who believe in us ... people living in neighbourhoods affected by this problem ... we have a few people helping us with little cash donations so that their communities can enjoy transformation ... please join this march!!

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